FitDuel Rules/Scoring
1) Official Fitbit Rules Apply.
2) Fitbit Devices only. (Make sure to authorize your device)
3) The Top 30% users with the most steps win.
4) Challenge Time Zone  is where you participate in.
5) Steps taken prior/after a challenge will not be counted.
6) Winnings are paid out via PayPal or a refund to your original payment method.
Every step you take goes toward your total step count, which is your score.
We are currently working on new types of challenges where we will capping your steps a certain limit in an attempt to give those of you who are new to this fitness journey a chance to earn the burn!

 Payout Structure

1) 18% prize pool

2) 15% prize pool

3) 12% prize pool

 Remaining 30% of users will

Split 30% of prize pool.

Prize Pool = Entries x Entry Fee

Prize Pool is variable depending on number of entries.

Payouts will be made 15 minutes after challenge's end in PST Time.


FitDuel Challenges

Okay, so what is a FitDuel Challenge? Think of our challenges just like Fitbit's own step challenges but with one key difference, reward. We reward you with cash prizes when you win one of our step challenges!

Our 1-day step challenges are simple, all you need is a Fitbit device and our App. Each challenge requires an entry fee which is what goes into paying out our users! We payout the top 30% of users who take the most steps 75% of the total prize pool! We want people to take their fitness seriously, and by putting money on the line you are doing just that. When you click to enroll in a challenge you will be asked to sign into your Fitbit account, this is how we track your steps. Unfortunately, Fitbit will not allow us to use their intraday data in our app yet so you will not be able to see your results until the challenge is over. Each challenge is not exactly 24 Hours long and will be specified next to each challenge in the "Time" field. 

Most steps wins, so grab your Fitbit and get in the game!

Get Healthy, Get Wealthy.

FitDuel TM

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