How Do I Score Points?

Your points are your steps!

How do You Track My Steps?

We use Fitbit devices exclusively!

Don't worry, we will soon support Garmin,

Apple, and many more smart watches.

How Do I Know Every Person's Statistics Are Legitimate?

We double check the winning results after every challenge and we look at how many steps each winner took. If a winner is in a beginner challenge and we see over 50,000 steps in a three hour challenge then the user will be flagged for investigation. Their is a certain range for each users steps that gives us a perspective of who is being legitimate and who isn't.


How Will These Challenges Be Fair?

You will notice a range in each step challenge that says minimum and maximum steps. Think of this as a guideline to gauge how much competition you want in your challenge. So, the higher the maximum steps the more competition, and the lower the maximum steps the lower the competition! 


Isn't This Gambling?

For those who don't know, the legal definition of gambling in the US is; A person engages in gambling if he stakes or risks something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance or a future contingent event not under his control or influence. Gambling fundamentally involves betting on something outside your control or influence, like the Raiders winning on Sunday, or a roll of the dice. FitDuel is neither. There is no luck involved in whether you win and the amount of steps you take is totally up to you. It is the textbook definition of a skill-based contest. Furthermore, because FitDuel is not a winner-take-all challenge, like The Biggest Loser TV show, there can be multiple winners in each game. Indeed,almost half of participants will win double their money back, meaning you can earn money while burning calories! In the end, FitDuel is just a healthy challenge against other Fitbit users with money as an incentive.


Do I Have To Get First Place To Win Money?

No! Here at FitDuel we believe in putting as much money as possible back into your wallet. 25% of entrants will win 75% of the total prize pool!

What if the Challenge Isn't Full?

Don't worry! We only need three entries into a challenge for our system to successfully pay users out. However, if the challenge isn't full this means that our full payout potential will not be reached!

What If I Go Over the Max?

You can still win! Maximum and minimum steps are simply a way to get the same level of competition in each challenge.

What Time Zone Do the Challenges Occur?

The challenges happen in whatever time zone you are currently in! Whether you are in the PST, MST, CST, or EST the challenge will occur during the listed time.


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